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Character of God ~ Slow to Anger”

“The Character of God ~ Truth”

“The Charater of God ~ Gracious and Goodness”

“The Character of God ~ Compassion”

“The Character of God ~ Introduction”

“Trust God’s Plan”

“God Gives Us A Promise”

“God Has A Plan”

“Have Faith”

“Stay Focused on the Shore”

“Clean Out The Garage”

“Follow Me”

~Grace Above All~

“The New Normal”

“Chosen To Be Holy”

“Are You Serious?

“When the odds are stacked Against You…”

“You Are Never Too Far Down”

“Waiting on God”

“Anchored in Jesus”


“Now What?”


“What does it mean to be a Christian?”


“Where’s God?”

“Called To Be Different”

“In the Shadow of the Cross…”

“The Cross Demands Your Worship”


“The Cross Demands Your Life”

“In the Shadow of the Cross…”

“The Cross Demands Brokenness”

“In The Shadow of the Cross…”

“The Cross Demads Faith”

On this Second Sunday of Advent Pastor Tom reflects on “The Christmas Carol” to find the PEACE Christmas brings.

On this Fourth Sunday for Advent Pastor Tom looks at the character Jack Frost to find the LOVE Christmas Brings.

As we prepare for Thanksgiving Pastor Tom looks into this idea on being thankful for the life God gave you.

On this first week of Advent Pastor Tom reflects on a children’s movie named “Authur Christmas” to find HOPE for the Christmas season.

Pastor Tom dives into the Commandments of “Do Not Steal”, “Do Not Bear False Witness”, And “Do Not Covet”.

Join Pastor Tom as here wraps up his serise on the “Ten Commandments”

Greetings from Pastor Tom.  Too many of us are living a life of mediocrity.  But God has created us for more.  God has created us for AWESOME!

“The Ten Commandments ~ Adultery”

In this commandment we are taking a look into the sacredness of marriage.  We look into the fact that are actions begin in the heart.

“The Ten Commandments ~ Murder”

“The Ten Commandments ~ Honor Your Parents”

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