Who We Are

Our Vision and Mission

  • To Be, and to make Christ-like disciples who are calling for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Matthew 28:18-19

What to Expect

  • What should I expect when I first come into the Pottstown Church of the Nazarene? First you should be warmly greeted by people who genuinely care about you. If you are coming to our worship service, we are a mixed worship group, with a combination of contemporary and hymnal based worship. The Message with be based on the Bible and will receive an opportunity for you to respond to the service.
  • What is a Nazarene? Pottstown Church is part of a denomination called “The Church of the Nazarene.” The words themselves come from Jesus’ birthplace of Nazareth. Therefore, the Nazarene church is proclaiming that it is a denomination that believes in Jesus, “THE Nazarene.” To learn more, visit the Church of the Nazarene Official Website